Chapter 1

Prologue                                            Table of Contents

“That man is suspicious,” Karma Ianshee said to her companion. She had invited Aru Lell to come to the festival in an attempt to understand her fellow bride better and improve their relationship. She had been regretting it as Aru was the type of person to become easily distracted.

Seems to be an issue of her race, Karma thought as the dog beast race was known to be quite excitable. Thought she’d be less like them as she’s a half-breed. She had been ready to throw in the towel at her companion’s constant enthusiasm at every event going on in this festival. Aru had dragged her around the entire market and had persuaded her to try some unusual food. One of which tasted like old socks and made her feel like throwing up.

She had been preparing herself to knock Aru unconscious and drag her home when she had heard the someone saying a story. Her story. Or at least a heavily edited version of it. Still, regardless of the imaginations  of the storyteller (the man had waxed poetic about the ‘encounters’ Jakci had with his brides, even getting their meeting wrong in the process), he had got the key details correct.

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