Table of Contents                                                     Chapter 1

There was a time when the ArchDemon, Abaddon, was summoned to the human realm.  The summoner thought that Abaddon was an ordinary demon and intended to use him to take control. However Abaddon was very cunning and pretended he was an ordinary demon so that his summoner would not destroy their contract. If he knew he was an ArchDemon, he would never let him remain upon our world as an ArchDemon’s power will grow until naturally they will overtake the power of the contract used to summon them and overcome their summoner.

Abaddon knew that if his summoner knew he was a demon lord, he would return him back to the realm he came from and only call him when he was needed. So he pretended to be an ordinary demon, he obeyed all instructions asked of him until the when the time was right. Then he struck and overcame his summoner.

The places where the summoner had been trying to take control over became hell. His summoner was a person who kept the people there in subjugation but at least it was still possible for people to survive. When Abaddon took over, he decimated the population of people there. Dismissive of humans, he killed a countless number of them. Men, women and children turned to ash. Those who did not turn to ash were used as sacrifices to connect the demon realm to this world for Abaddon was planning on bringing his demons over here. Those that were not sacrificed would become food and nourishment to demons who enjoyed the taste of human flesh. Then there were others, usually the most powerful humans around, who took the offer that Abaddon had given them and became demons. Rusé, the man who defeated a 1000 monsters; Caril, the maiden who saved a country of 15000 of a terrifying disease with her magic; even Chidleld one of the candidates for the position of ‘Son of Light’ who had prevented Caleb, the aforementioned summoner, from taking over his country. These people amongst others gave up their human nature and became demons joining in the eating of flesh and other abominations that the demons did.

Luckily for humanity who were not aware that this tragedy had happened, some people were able to survive this slaughter. They knew that they were not able to defeat this fiend and so they ran to other nations to inform them of the calamity that had befallen the human race. Then they died.

The miasma that was present in the demon lands was dangerous and even fatal to humans. These people, the last members of a class A adventurer group, had managed to endure the pain and torture they were going through before managing to pass on the message. Their bodies dried up of all moisture and they crumbled into dust screaming as they did so.

The remaining human nation gathered as many warriors, magicians, mercenaries and adventurers as well as ordinary soldiers hoping to defeat the demon army before it became too strong and wiped out all of humanity. Unfortunately they were either too weak or the demons were too strong and they were not able to defeat them. The fighting called ” The War of the SHarpe Valleys” would continue for 3 years and is one of the most famous war in the world where humanity put aside all their issues to defeat the enemy that was trying to exterminated them. So many heroes were born and killed in this war and the blood of humans and demons overflowed in The SHarpe Valleys where the border between both armies were and where most of the war was fought.

The human army was unable to completely wipe out the demon army and vice-versa, so this war is often marked by the lack of progress achieved. We were not able to push them back but they were not able to move forward.

However, all was not well. Abaddon was still summoning demons and the overall level of strength of the demon army was rising. On the other hand, while we had our heroes, we did not have an endless supply of them and any one that knew anything about the war knew that we would eventually lose if we could not kill Abaddon and close the portals.

It would have been so much easier to accomplish this task if the various races and inhabitants of this land all came together to fight. But make no mistake, regardless of what anyone tells you, this was a largely human war. We fought, bled and died in this war without the helped by any other race. They ignored all pleas for help and went into hiding, their magicians trying to find a way to create an alternate dimension with their preferred surroundings, environment and atmosphere. After all, it was a human that was the reason for this war and we humans had been a pain in the neck for them. They would not have even joined the war if not for the fact that Karma Ianshee, one of the brides of the hero, had not performed a ritual that prevented all dimensional magic from being done for 3 minutes on that day.

Anyway, we tried all sorts of way to increase the strength of our army but regardless of what we did, they were getting stronger, faster. It all came to an end on the 10th day of the 9th month of the 1032nd year of heroes. For the first time, the demon army was able to push us back considerably and after that we continuously kept losing the war. Following that, so many heroes and people turned traitor, hoping to become demons and at least survive. Of course, it was impossible for them to be anything but meat. Abaddon would never tolerate weaklings and found them disgusting. The unity of the human race was disintegrating and we knew we were going to die. It was during this month that we got some of the best works of art describing human nature: its weaknesses, strengths, feebleness amongst others. We were losing hope and falling to despair.

And then hope was revived. A man appeared. Well a boy, a 19 year old called Jakci the Wolfhowler to be specific. And it sounds incredible but he saved us. Him and his brides- his female romantic partners who were companions in the same party with him. They were able to convince the other races to fight and for two weeks they searched for Abaddon’s weakness. They sneaked to his lair and when they came out the war was over. It took 6 young ones a month to do what the rest of humanity was not able to do for 3 years.

No one is actually aware of what happened in Abaddon’s lair and none of our young heroes are willing to speak with anyone else about it. Coupled with the fact that they are clearly powerful and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who is speaking) independent from any nation, no one is willing to risk their ire to inquire about the truth. All we know is that we were saved but tired and we had to rebuild our homes as well as defend ourselves from the occasional remnant demon.

They are our heroes and we will remain eternally grateful to them for bringing support to help and for saving us.


   Table of Contents                                                    Chapter 1



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